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Apparently that first one was just what J.J. Abrams and Co. are calling an “Announcement Trailer.” That’s fine by me because it now gives us this, which is an even better trailer and something that convinces me even more that this deserves the top spot on my most anticipated list for 2013:

This is going to get TONS of Empire Strikes Back comparisons based on the potentially dark subject matter and possibly unhappy ending, and dammit I hope it does everything that Empire did for the Star Wars trilogy.

The current rumor (unfounded, currently) is that Spock isn’t going to make it out of this film, what with Zachary Quinto saying he doesn’t have an interest in staying with one character for a really long time and that final shot of the trailer certainly lends some credence to that idea. So I put this to you folks… if Spock goes down in this movie, are you angry or just sad? I know I’d be both, that’s for sure.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out and I can’t wait for mid-May of 2013!

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  • It doesn’t make me think of Empire Strikes Back as much as it makes me think of Wrath of Khan. Spoiler Alert! Spock doesn’t make it out of that movie alive.

  • Wow. Video’s been taken down. Thanks Paramount!

    All that aside I’m still really not all that excited for this, which maybe will mean I’ll end up digging it.

  • What David said.

    Also, I call bullshit. What Quinto says HAS to be bullshit, and a way to make the apparent death of Spock more interesting (since we already know it’s gonna happen…maybe). Why? Because I don’t believe for a second that Paramount only tied the actors into two films when re-booting this franchise. Also, this guy came from/is still on TV…that’s the guy who doesn’t like one character for a long period of time? Also…it’s not like Quinto’s career is just blossoming…this is the best thing going in it, at least in terms of getting his name out there.

    • I wonder if Quinto’s comments about playing one character for too long have anything to do with Heroes. It would explain the allure of American Horror Story, where he gets to play different characters for each season– unlike Heroes, where he just gets to play boring and terrible Sylar (the villain of a boring and terrible show).

      That said I don’t disagree that it’s highly unlikely Quinto isn’t inked in for more than two films. That’s just studio logic. At the same time I’d love for nothing more than for Spock to have an awesome death, even if it basically means Abrams is directly grifting from Khan.

      • Well, that’s my other problem with Quinto’s/Spock’s potential death: it wouldn’t carry NEAR the same weight as Nimoy’s in Khan. Nimoy had been playing the character for years, had built up this awesome chemistry/friendship with Kirk, was in his 50s (or close to it). Meanwhile, I’m supposed to get half as emotionally involved seeing Pine and Quinto, playing characters that barely know each other and were adversaries in the first, weep for each other? Not buying it.

        Plus, like you say, it’d be a major case of swiping. Bad enough that it looks like the setup is the same (glass between them).

        I hope our preconceptions and all that are way off, and I actually tend to think they are. Abrams track record shows that he deserves a bit more credit and trust. They’re likely intentionally misleading us.

        • Which I hate, because it’s bad showmanship. Someone needs to teach Abrams how to be coy, because outright lying to fans and journalists is super-obnoxious.

          • Certainly seems like a lose-lose situation right now, from that regard. Of course, the flick ought to be good/great, so I imagine we’ll forgive.