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On the heels of the success of Man of Steel, it was announced today at Comic-Con that Zack Snyder’s next film, a natural follow-up to the Superman flick, will include a man we all know well: the Caped Crusader himself, Batman. There is no word on whether this will be a team effort or if it will be a VS. type of situation, but we do know that it will lead into a much larger DC universe that will also include a Flash standalone film in 2016 and a Justice League film in 2017.

Snyder will direct the film and him and David S. Goyer will write the screenplay. Obviously, Henry Cavill will be back in the red and blue outfit, but there is no word yet on who Batman will be portrayed by. We do know that it likely won’t be Christian Bale as this will be a separate entity from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. Either way, it will be a very exciting time for comic book fans as this will be the first time that these two characters will share the big screen together.

It’s huge news and news that might need time to simmer a bit with me before I have a full opinion. Batman is my favorite comic book character and Nolan’s trilogy very well could be my favorite trilogy of all-time. It’s a spectacle to behold and something that will stand the test of time. I am not a Superman fan, though. I actually haven’t gotten a chance to check out Snyder’s offering yet, as I wasn’t rushing out to the theater to see Man of Steel. There’s just something about Superman that I’ve never connected with. This will be interesting for sure and I’m intrigued by the possibilities this brings forth… but I’m just not sure how I feel about it all.

What does this news make you think? Are you on board with Snyder’s supposed vision?

batman and superman

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  • I really don’t see this being any better than MOS, which I wasn’t a huge fan of.