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paul rudd ant man

I waited until it was made completely official, because I have sworn off posting rumors on here as news (Read: IT’S NOT NEWS!)…

But now it’s official. Paul Rudd is your Ant-Man/Hank Pym.

Edgar Wright is the director for the Phase 3 film and this is a fantastic decision by the casting officials over at Marvel. There might be some that are wary of the action beats (my only concern) but it’s not like Michael Cera is an action hero and Edgar Wright guided him safely through the fight scenes of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World and I have no doubts he will be just fine guiding Rudd as well.

I love the aim to get comedy into the world of superheroes. Plus, Rudd has nothing but charisma to offer and I think this is an outside-of-the-box casting in the vain of Robert Downey Jr. at the time they brought him on as Iron Man.

I support this whole-heartedly.


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