News, Trailers — February 25, 2014 at 11:11 am




Um…. wow! That’s all I really have to say…

By releasing this trailer, Gareth Edwards has basically held up a gigantic middle finger to Roland Emmerich and his horrible rendition of a Godzilla movie. THIS is what we have been waiting for. THIS is what will get non-monster movie fans to come see one. THIS is what summer movies are all about. And THIS is why this movie is #1 on my Most Anticipated List for 2014.

I’m there. Please tell me you will be too.


What’s crazy is that I’m just as excited to see Bryan Cranston and Ken Watanabe chop it up as I am to see the destruction that Godzilla is ultimately going to bring to New York. Cranston in particular looks about as fabulous as ever. Not that we should expect anything less. May 16th can’t get here soon enough!


  • I love how the trailer teases showing him throughout and then ends with just his head and the doors shutting. Amazing!

  • Now that Empire has given us a full glimpse of the G-man himself, I’m desperately curious to find out what that insectoid leg belongs to in the clip’s latter half.

    All I want is to see a good modern day Godzilla tangle with other monsters in San Francisco. Is that too much to ask?