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GOTG Lineup

Just six months away from the release of one of the more curious Marvel projects, and this is the first glimpse into the world of the Guardians of the Galaxy! Check out the lengthy first trailer below:

I had little to no real expectations for this going into it. I love Chris Pratt and would likely support him in his efforts here regardless of how it looked. But I have to say, this looks pretty damn good. It doesn’t look GREAT like those first trailers for say, Iron Man or anything, but it looks like it could actually be worth the time. I like the intro into the characters since no one with a girlfriend has even heard of these guys (sorry for the over-generalization) and I REALLY dig the humor – they are definitely letting Chris Pratt be himself which is a fantastic idea. That guy can do no wrong.

No Bradley Cooper voice surprises me – as does the lack of hearing Vin Diesel say “Groot” but quick glimpses of Rocket Raccoon shooting, well, rockets as well as an even quicker glimpse of Benicio del Toro in villain guise gives me hope that this could be a fun reprieve from super serious superhero stuff we will be getting the rest of the year…

Also, anytime “Hooked on a Feeling” is played, you get an extra half heart. That’s just science.


So what do you think? More interested now that you’ve seen footage? And how Han Solo-y does Pratt as Starlord feel here? On a scale from 1-10?


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