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sabotage red band

I have recently gone on two different podcasts and stated that Sabotage, the new David Ayer film starring Arnold Schwarzeneggar, is one of my top five most anticipated films of 2014. That’s high praise for a potentially run-of-the-mill cop action flick. But with Ayer behind the camera, I have complete faith that this is going to rock all of our socks off, just like he did in 2012 with End of Watch. And just in case you have a hankering for some blood before the film hits theaters in March, here’s a lengthy red-band trailer to whet your appetite… it might be a bit spoilery if you examine it closely, but in all honesty, it’s just awesome. So watch it.

I was already sold and I continue to be ecstatic about Arnie in Ayer’s world. It’s gritty and something that could really bring him back into the limelight the way he wants to be. I love the supporting cast (Worthington, especially, who is basically unrecognizable with that giant goatee thing) and I think this has all the makings of an all-out brawl of an action flick. But with a brain.

Or at least the remnants of one on the wall…


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  • I still can’t believe how much gore is in this trailer. I know it’s a red band and all, but man, that’s A LOT of violence!