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For the 56th episode of the MILFcast, I am joined by my co-host Heather Baxendale as well as our guests, Julie Lofrano and Traci Stumpf (of And Seen) to discuss the following:

- We spend A Moment with Heather to discuss Disney’s monumental purchase of Lucasfilm.

- What we’ve been watching.

- We list off our favorite political films in honor of this week’s election.

- We answer The Serious 7.

- We play THE GAME!!!

The standings for THE GAME:
1. Jason Soto – 18 points
T-2. Blayne Weaver – 16 points
T-2. Justin Gott – 16 points
T-4. Rachel Thuro – 13 points
T-4. Alex Kittle – 13 points
T-6. Scott Knopf – 12 points
T-6. Steve Bush - 12 points
T-6. Steve Honeywell – 12 points
T-9. John Larue – 11 points
T-9. Nick Jobe – 11 points

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  • The videos that Julie and Traci put togther for their site is extremely creative, and funny. I’m glad you were able to get them for this show. Another great show. Good job Kai and Heather.

  • Great guests! And really enjoyed the political movie discussion. I liked Fahrenheit 911 and Re-count, but they kinda gave me the creeps too.