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I don’t know if we’ve made it clear enough, what with each of us hosting our own podcasts, but Kai and I both dig podcasting.  Also, having started this site after becoming friends, we dig each other.  So, it’s only natural that we wanted to do a podcast together (again, especially after having started this site).  Problem was, see the first sentence of this paragraph.  Namely, neither of us was willing to ditch our first shows.

That said, after a couple years, we’ve put together a plan (and a show) that lets us have our cake and eat it as well.  Thus, FILM DON’T HURT is born.

We explain what the show is about in the first few minutes, but the quick rundown is that this will be a film conversation show.  We likely won’t ever review a film specifically, nor will we give you lists.  As mentioned, we’re buds, and this podcast is meant to capture the feel and tone of a conversation (sometimes debate) between friends.  It’ll be a no-frills, lo-fi show, kept to a modest length of 30-40 minutes, and delivered every two weeks.

That’s the plan, anyway, and we hope you dig the hell out of it.  Please enjoy, and let us know what ya think if you do!


A couple notes:

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  • Fun first outing for Film Don’t Hurt, and interesting to hear how closely your film-viewing habits match up to your personalities (don’t want to spell it out here and ruin the show, but I don’t think any listener familiar with you guys will be surprised by how you select movies to watch).

    Looking forward to the next installment.

    • Thank you kindly, sir! And ha! Yes, I suppose our habits match our personalities, though Kai doesn’t watch nearly enough films about snooty micro-brews, if that’s true.

  • Ha! He is a snobby beer drinker, huh?!

  • I think it’s pretty cool and look forward to listening to the new show! I’d wish you both best of luck, but seeing how successful you both already are with the podcasting thing and the website thing, I doubt you really need it.

    Ah fuck it…good luck fellas!

  • Great show, guys. I’ve added it to my iTunes subscriptions and look forward to the upcoming episodes.

    I think that I weighed in on the Thousand Words discussion on Facebook originally, so it’s probably no surprise that I’m with Dylan on this one. While I admire Kai’s ability to see 500+ films in a year and think it’s awesome, I still would avoid a lot of the films you discussed on the show.

    Even if I won the lottery and had free time all day, my film watching would not include The Internship.

    That said, I still haven’t seen Kramer vs. Kramer. So what do I know?

    • Amen to you, Dan. For agreeing with me! (Oh, and for listening and saying nice things.) There’s not enough time in the day for me to even feel like I *need* to see something like The Internship, unless I someone got talked into a Vince Vaughn Festival or something.

      Oh, and I haven’t seen Kramer vs. Kramer either. We should all watch that flick one weekend (or not).

      • I haven’t seen Kramer vs. Kramer either. Could there be a Kramer vs. Kramer vs. MILF event in the future?

        • Weird.

          Perhaps that’ll be our 100th episode. A special one-time all-review ep dedicated to the greatness that is Kramer x 2. :P

  • Oh, and BTW…Kai, not sure if I told you this, but I saw The Heat. :)

  • Great show guys, I like the discussion format.

    And… I’ve seen Kramer vs Kramer! Twice! And I’ll be watching it at least once more to review it for the 1001 list. And you’re not really missing out on a great deal, to be honest.

    I agree with Dylan on the 1000 Words debate, I’ve no intention of ever seeing it as there’s far too many probably-better films out there to watch instead, although if it happened to be on TV and the remote was far away, I’d probably sit through as much as I could tolerate.

    • I’m not saying that this first episode was a battle or contest between my philosophy and Kai’s…but if it was, I think I blew him out of the water.

      Noted. I shall not rush to see Kramer vs. Kramer, which shouldn’t be hard, as all I’ll have to do is the same thing I’ve done since 1979 regarding it.

  • Love the show guys. I listen to your other shows, and enjoy when you guys guest on other podcasts. So, I’m happy to see where this goes.

    Funny thing about Internship is I had free screening tickets to go see it. I was on my way to the theater with my wife, and we just decided to go shopping instead. So, yeah…

    • Ha! Free tickets and still no interest. Not surprised at all.

      Thanks for listening, Shane. :)

  • With an image like that I was expecting some theme music more along the lines of “Firestarter”.

    • We almost went with “Smack My Bitch Up,” but just didn’t think people would make the connection to Marshall Teague’s character from Road House that roughed up his girlfriend.

      Yes, I’m kidding.