Film Don't Hurt, Podcasts — August 19, 2013 at 3:00 am



It’s 2013, and all the biggest films are based on comic books.  The top sitcom of the last half-decade features nerdy scientist types as leads…and it’s not about them being bullied.  A certain convention set in Southern California dominates pop culture for a week every year, and has spawned a million wannabe conventions all around the country.  People who have scads of Star Wars action figures aren’t mocked, but rather celebrated (and can make a pretty penny off them, if they’re old enough and in good enough condition).  So the question is: what does it mean to be a geek anymore?  Who is a geek?  How far does one have to go to be considered a geek amongst the geeks?  These are the questions that plague Kai, so what better place to talk about them than with his MILF co-founder on another episode of FILM DON’T HURT?

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  • Best show yet guys. I could listen to you pair bicker all day!

    I don’t get the whole collecting toys and keeping them in the box thing. I had Star Wars toys when I was a kid and I played with them.

    I collect vinyl records, I collect them to listen to, it drives me fucking mad when people buy records to hang on the wall “because they are to valuable to play”. Same with classic cars that are never driven and guitars that aren’t played.

    If something isn’t used for what it is intended to be used for it ceases to have a purpose, it becomes a commodity or the clutter of a hoarder.

    • Just wanted to say thanks so much, Andy – I love that first line! Exactly what we want to hear.