Film Don't Hurt, Podcasts — September 30, 2013 at 3:01 am




In the latest episode of FDH, Kai and Dylan discuss the future of the movie watching experience and discuss the hard hitting questions this brings up like…

- Is theater dead? (So existential!)

- How will we watch movies going forward in the 21st century? (VOD or Brain Implants?)

- Will Spielberg’s dark predictions for the future of movies come tru? (Prolly not.)

- Does Spielberg make better films than George Lucas? (Yes, just ask him.)

This and much more coupled with Dylan’s biting analysis and Kai’s wry wit and remarkable humor on an all new episode of Film Don’t Hurt. ENJOY!!!

*** We had some audio issues with this one towards the end. Our apologies to you… our fury to Skype!

A couple notes:

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  • The whole thing about “shared experience” is just marketing bullshit, cinemas are best when they are not packed out with smelly popcorn munchers. The reason for going, no mater what your home setup a film looks and sounds better on a 50ft screen than a 50inch one. I guess size does matter!

  • My wife said it doesn’t. Huh…

  • How weird – Kai’s Wry Wit is the name of my new band.

  • Don’t feel bad, Dylan: I still insist on buying physical copies of things, too.

    Great show. I enjoy discussions about the “future of movies” because I think what Netflix proved is that coming up with different business models can be very successful. Any brick & mortar video store could have run with Netflix’s gym membership-style set-up (and avoided badgering people about late fees), they just didn’t think of it.

    Having said that, I’m not sure that Broadway-style approaches to theater pricing will work quite the way Lucas/Spielberg put out there — it’s just too big a gamble that some studio’s $30 a pop show will bomb. I think it could go the other way, with discount tickets for indie films, re-releases and VOD-esque titles. And I think we might see more Alamo Drafthouse-style approaches in theaters.

    At least, from what I’ve heard. There’s no Alamo Drafthouses anywhere near here. Sucks.

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