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screampostWe butchered Bond history last time out, so why not give the same treatment to horror films now?

Actually, it’s not that bad, as Kai has plenty of horror street cred; in fact, it’s Dylan’s lack thereof that Kai mostly wanted to speak about (though we’re both pretty lacking when it comes to vintage horror flicks).  So we delve into our childhoods to see where our horror roots (if any) were grown and what our current attitudes are towards the state of horror.  Also, HALLOWEENY HORROR THEME HOW TOPICAL!

This and much more coupled with Dylan’s biting analysis and Kai’s wry wit and remarkable humor on an all new episode of Film Don’t Hurt. ENJOY!!!

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  • I know you guys have a blindspot for anything before 1970, but no horror between Universal monsters and Romero, what about Hammer?

    Dylan, your universal retrospective sounds interesting. The monster movies were a little it and miss, Dracula never gets beyond its stage play origins but Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein are classics.