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It has been a long time since MAN, I LOVE FILMS has featured a podcast on its page. The much-loved MILFcast still exists in name and there might come a day and time when Kai and Heather bring it back to the airwaves. FILM DON’T HURT is also alive but you might say that it’s been put on life support. It’s around but nothing new has happened for awhile.

That being said, I had an idea recently. I have a podcast that I co-host with fellow MILF writer Pete Conway and former MILF writer (and forever friend of the site) Pat McDonnell. Pat and I began THE RAMBLING RAMBLERS MOVIE PODCAST back in August of 2013 and recorded 40 episodes over about 14 months to varying levels of popularity. We took a four month hiatus so that I could finish grad school (I did) and Pete could kick his cocaine habit (not true, but you believed it for a moment, didn’t you?). But now we’re back with new episodes and I felt that the best course of action was to promote it through this lovely site as well, mostly because it would be a win-win situation. Or so I tell myself.

Either way, we’ll be posting links to the new shows here as well as on our home page (The Rambling Ramblers) and we would welcome one and all to find us in any way possible. Comments are always welcome and we certainly hope you have a great time listening:


On this, our first episode since October, the ramblers are back rambling! Yes, it’s been a few months but Justin, Pat & Pete are back to discuss Super Bowl Bowl trailers (and 50 Shades of Eww), the Oscars and some stuff we’ve seen lately.

Trailers this week include the Super Bowl spots for Jurassic World, Fast and Furious 7, Ted 2 and the aforementioned 50 Shades of Grey (speaking of which, the YouTube video discussed in the show can be found here):

You can find us on iTunes by searching “ramblingramblers” (one word) or via Podomatic via the link below. Our opening and closing song is “Bound to Ramble” by the amazing John Butler Trio. Check them out!

We hope you enjoy!


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