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I know this may be shocking, but fanboy that I am, I have somehow managed to never see Galaxy Quest. Yes, I deserve to be thrown into an arena with a rock monster for my insolence, but I am now making?things right. Please forgive me, but never forget what a classic film this is… and perfect for the holidays considering it released fifteen years ago on Christmas Day.

It’s been eighteen years since the television show Galaxy Quest was cancelled, but fans still flock to?conventions to meet the cast and share their love for the series.?As fans grow anxious, the cast awaits backstage awaiting their intrepid and inconsiderate leader Jason Nesmith (Tim Allen). Alexander Dane (Alan Rickman) bemoans having to don his makeup and dole out his tired catchphrase while Gwen DeMarco (Sigourney Weaver), Fred Kwan (Tony Shalhoub), and Tommy Webber (Daryl Mitchell) roll their eyes and curse Nesmith and his ego. After his arrival, Nesmith is approached by the Thermian Mathesar (Enrico Colantoni) who asks him to save his people. Thinking it a pre-scheduled filming session, he agrees. The next day he is taken into the far reaches of space to battle the Thermians’ enemy Sarris (Robin Sachs). After the failure of his initial encounter, Nesmith enlists the help of his former crew plus show extra Guy (Sam Rockwell) to return to the Thermians’ vessel, an actual NSEA Protector based on their show’s ship, where they will have the chance to actually save the day for this friendly alien race.

What better wet dream for a fanboy than to have all the elements of their favorite show come to life before their eyes? Such is the premise of writer David?Howard’s Galaxy Quest. The Thermians, believing the transmissions of?Galaxy Quest to be historical documents about the crew’s exploits, have followed every detail, in true fanboy fashion, to recreate the ship. With the crew in hand, their collection of Quest memorabilia is complete and they are fully prepared to do battle against their nemesis. Unfortunately without a script, the actors playing the Quest crew are ill-prepared for the amazing and life-threatening sites they encounter.

Director Dean Parisot couldn’t have assembled a better cast of actors to play the actors playing the characters the Thermians believe to be their saviors. Actually, Harold Ramis was the original director, but when Tim Allen was cast, he left the production. However, Allen’s time as Buzz Lightyear pays off as he confidently dons the commander’s uniform.?Shalhoub, who’s frequently cast to play a range of ethnicities including alien like in Men In Black, is hilarious as the tech?sergeant. It helps he has Sam Rockwell shucking and jiving alongside him. Quest?also landed Missi Pyle in the spotlight and is responsible for the debuts of Justin Long and Rainn Wilson. Of them all, my favorite character is Enrico Colantoni. His sing-song voice and constant look of elation is comical, unforgettable, and undeniably?wonderful.

Galaxy Quest has been lauded for it’s satirical look at Star Trek, its cast and their fans. It absolutely is. There are numerous in-jokes for fans, but the humor also reaches larger audiences. Even those unfamiliar with Star Trek can still enjoy the fantastic concept of leaving the world of the mundane and stepping through the looking glass. A little bit of kid-friendly action and loads of laughs make Galaxy Quest a film I will be watching many, many more times… to make up for lost time of course!


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  • Haven’t seen this in ages but it is a lot of fun. I’ll have to dig out the DVD I think.

    • Go for it! It’ll be like visiting an old friend. (btw, sorry for the late response)